Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Day at office nothg to do. all the project i think already finish le...joshua and camie no come to work coz camie got little bit fever, but Y joshua no come oso leh?? i think camie get fever thn joshua heart fever 2, LOLx...later he kill is last day of the month dono boss will giv salary or not? "gan jiong" Hm...2molo hollyday wat thing can do? Play maple, sleep or go out o.O ?

Friday, April 25, 2008

OT and finally hav my own blog..

Finally render finish my work, now already 313am midnight le!! joshua sleep at sofa beside is second day stayed at office overnight, yamgong~~everyone oso rust to finish the Nippon project and 3 of us oso in charge othr project "panasonic", but of coz got pro help us la..if not we cant handle it. you can see all ppl already hav panda eye le.. animation studio really busy if the company famous and creative somemore..Now feel my whole body so uncomfortable and itchy la, wanna go home and bath!! really miss my bed...oh ya, tis blog is still in process de coz got many thg i don understand how to use..still learning, my sifu ~ joshua help me alot lolx...

TIs is my company ketchen ~

Office environment~