Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AMLer- UK life

this is who we are. AMLer ROX!!! Miss UK life...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We are Digital Media

Scotland, priceless memories~ SO..so.. missing the old days~ specially thx to mr chong hua edited this super duper nice video for our's...
Enjoy the short video^^

Tuesday, September 29, 2009




Saturday, September 26, 2009

im back

Sorry for long time dint update my blog, 4month ago where im? UK life, just like a dream... beautiful ending and now i come back to Malaysia already. Really hope can stayed a bit more longer in this land...

Especially Europe trip in 15 days...dunno how to tell that how the feeling?! really Happy! Fun! incredible! fantastic! Unbelievable! new friendship and more and more~

First i have to thx God i still alive..can enjoy what i want now! lols..

2rd i want to thx my mom and sista always support me "Money and Love".

3rd i want to thx Marilyn because is her told us Kelana Convoy this tour company....such a very good tour company...

4rd thx Kelana Convoy got such a good planning for us in this 15 days euro trip...strongly recommended this tour company for next time our junior who want to go euro trip!!!really Enjoyable...

5th really great to know the new friend in this trip...hope can see u guys again...

Europe i will come back again and now is time to earn money~
All the best in your future my friend who juz in fresh graduated, God bless~

Kelana Convoy email "www.kelanaconvoy.co.uk"

Friday, June 19, 2009

First and Last

19 june 2009 went to ODEON cinema and used 2 and half hour to watched transformers , early to watched den Malaysia ,lols~ and this is the first time at UK watched the most expensive movie i ever have!!!!~ 5.20 pound oni mah~ compare at malaysia can watch 5 time already, i think this is the first and the last movie to watched in UK "maybe"~ this time the Transfomers: Revenge is coming really nice to watched, this time got more fight scene and Optimus was killed by Megatron... so at last go cinema watch uself~ expensiv but i quite happy~

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Bye to Prima Setapak

30/3/2009 before moving out i wan show some picture where i stayed in KL.

Yes, this is where i stayed call Prima Setapak Condo at genting kelang here. Is very best location for Student who study at KTAR. Transpotation no problem, easier to get a bus and texi in few minute. Good enviroment "lots of leng jai leng lui", even eat lots of choices. Promoting~

Prima 3rd floor got basketball court, swimming pool, gym room, and so on.

Here there are below the prima setapak scene. Now only around 6.00pm something already people mountain people sea finding foods.

This is my room,"master room" b4 have 4 people in one room and now lev me alone nia~ but b4 30/3/2009 i moved dy. "packing my stuff"

My master room toilet.

my living room...b4 the living room got alot of stuff, table, computer and so messy but now lev 3 table and look very clean~

Will Goin To Miss The Place where i lived b4! Good Bye prima, Good bye everyone. SEE YA~

My Friend

Have a very nice memory with them~ Since everyone come from different place. Friend from Perak, Kelantan, Johor, KL, Sarawak and... this our fate, friend not easy to get but now we know each other very well~

Cheong, cassie, me, penny and faye... my classmate~

Take picture infront the mirror~

Jac, weisan, soo eng, bean, and cheong... Maple member and oso a group of Siao Geng~

Cheong is my first friend i knew when come to KL study~ very best Brother!!!

Waipooi and faye...picture take from sushi king.

wai pooi is one of my housemate, always like to "SS" syok sendiri. Dont see her like this, she is a "Lou Fu La" Tigress. let her slap 1 time u will know the pain T.T got five finger print on ur skin...

De Jian, who came from sarawak. Our relationship too close liao, 2 word can said "friendship forever"
Fen En. Who came from sarawak oso, is a very cute and talkative friend~
Hopefully can gather again soon~