Thursday, July 17, 2008

To somebody~

Miss u always~ long time dint contact each other le dono what u doin actually. But when sms, msn or phone called will said hate you.. bad ppl.. Hm... wat i wrong actually T.T everytime i try ask u back but u wont asnwer me or continued chat with me. but sometime u call my name look like got something want to tell me but after that u keep quite again.. what u sadness or happies can share with me, i always the good listener.. Beside that, sometime i try to call u but everytime the timing was no rite, or too late 2 call and u sleep alredy or bzing.. so don angry ya. When i flash back hav half year i dint contack u le, izit so hard talk to u or wat? maybe every1 also bz i wan said sori to u if i did wrong or make u dissapointed.. hope can keep in touch again~ take good care, pray hard, and be closer with our God.. Bless u always~~

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